Equalities National Council

ENC was founded in 1997; initially funded through advisory work that financed the creation of a national council for service users and their carers. Today ENC is Britain’s only BME User-led Disabled People Organisation (DPO), renowned as an independent enterprise that primarily (though not exclusively) focuses on delivering expert Advocacy and Mentoring support for and on behalf of BME Disabled People and their Carers; and people suffering with long term impairments.

The Team

ENC is a User-led DPO, whose current workforce consists of Volunteers, Undergraduate Social Work Students, Mentors, Advocates, and a Senior Management Team. Our Team benefit and excel in their day to day work by combining the professional training and their personal knowledge and experience.
ENC has travelled a long, hard road getting to where we are at present. We therefore are using the resources open to us in ways that will bring the optimum benefits to already excluded and deprived communities, thus making a huge moral obligation. Having in place structures and procedures that show how we do our work and who benefits is very important to us; coupled with robust methods and systems in which we manage and govern our business; along with the accountability we provide to staff and funders, which have been developed and refined over several years; and are essential templates for effective good practice for the development of organisations such as ours.