ENC´s expert advice and support, allows people from our community to:

    • Access benefits, services and care support
    • Understand the Criminal Justice System
    • Have a bigger voice that can influence and affect change and policy
    • Acquire assistance in; completing forms, writing letters and making
      telephone calls to relevant agencies

Gain assistance to aide family members and carer support

ICAN Mentoring Programme

As a service user-led organisation, some of ENC’s male workforce consistes of ex-offenders for the CJS; some are also survivors of mental health conditions; with first-hand knowledge and personal experiences at their disposal; They are capable, confident and passionate enough to mentor male prisoners. ENC’s mentors’ uniqueness stems form having the capability and capacity to provide a holistic aproach and empathicapproach to tackle the barriers faced by black menin the CJS.
Government reports and statistics show that BME service-users are:

  • less likely to be employed.
  • less likely to be part of the labour market.
  • less likely to have qulifications.
  • more likely to suffer poor housing conditions and
  • more likely to remain in these unfortunate circumstances.


In 2007, ENC launched the ICAN Ambassadors Programme, to develop working partnerships with mainstream organisations across the 9 English Regions. Ambassadors receive in depth training in advocating, mentoring and community involvement, which enables them to proactively and reactively work together with ENC’s Advocates, Mentors, Community Leaders (known as ICAN Champions) and Partner Organisations; each stakeholder will work across their region focusing on the development of individuals and organisations.


Our student placements come from a broad number of universities –all students are studying for a degree in social work. We work with 6 universities. Our students are part of our Advocacy and mentoring Team and follow our Advocacy/Mentoring modules so they are able to work with our communities at a grassroots level and incorporate their university modules with ours. We have a 100% success rate since our first interns in 2005.

In a year we take on from 5-9 students.

We work alongside these current universities;

Royal Holloway University
Kingston University
Havering College
South Bank University
Greenwich University
East Anglia University
Anglia Ruskin University
UEL University of East London